President’s Corner

Hi Neighbors,

We are in Winter, or at least it felt like it last week. We have been through the holidays and we held our annual meeting at the clubhouse. Just a reminder that while the pool is closed, no one is allowed in the pool area, per the county. Your cards should still open the gate so that the restrooms are accessible. The gate that is past the restrooms will be locked to facilitate access to bathrooms without allowing access to the pool area. Annual dues are due by April 1 and a notice will be going out shortly with instructions. This year we will be adding the option to pay your dues electronically via the website.

At our annual meeting on December 14th we reviewed the year, passed the budget for 2014, voted on officers for the board, took suggestions and answered questions. Many thanks to the officers we said goodbye to, Ellen, John and Linda, and welcome to the new officers, John, Jonathan and Melissa. We had a number of folks volunteer for various roles associated with the HOA. You should have been contacted. If not, let me know and I’ll connect you. Since all that happens is done through volunteers, including the board activities, we appreciate any time you have to serve the community.

One item we have struggled with, at least during my tenure, is a directory for the neighborhood. We have had a number of folks step up to tackle this task, but it is onerous and typically dies somewhere on the vine. So we’re trying a different tact. I have added a field to your profile on the website called “Include In Public Directory.” If you enter “Yes”, then we will include your information in a directory for the neighborhood. If you enter “No” then we will not share your information. You can get to this by logging in to the website and clicking on your profile.

There are issues with the lights on the tennis court that we are looking into. Don’t forget that we have WiFi in the clubhouse and pool area for those that would like to “be connected”. Your same keycard will work the tennis court gate as well as the pool gate.

Our regular HOA Board meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 7PM, as posted on the calendar on our website. (Everyone should have a login to the website.) We do sometimes change a particular meeting, as we did for our December meeting right after the annual meeting last year. If you do have an interest in attending a board meeting, check with me or one of the board members as we sometimes change the meeting date as we get closer to accommodate individual schedules or deal with pressing issues.

Thank you for working with Ted Anderson as he notes items associated with our yards. The neighborhood is looking very good overall. I hope you take pride in our community. If you see anything amiss in the neighborhood, feel free to contact Ted. You’re always welcome to contact any of the board members as well. Remember that the covenants were put in place at the inception of Brannon Estates to assist in maintaining the neighborhood in a manner that benefits all of us. Our pool service, Premier, is also doing a great job. They have a sign posted next to the gate if anyone needs their services as they maintain the pool.

As always, I would also encourage everyone to be aware of what is going on in the neighborhood. I’m not aware of any recent reports. Keep in touch with the neighbors right around you and their schedules so that if any suspicious activity happens, it can be investigated. We are fortunate in that we don’t see much of this happening, but don’t hesitate to call 911 if you feel the situation warrants it.


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