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Hi Neighbors,

We are heading into a new year 2022 with high hopes that this pandemic will end soon. Hopefully we are on the tail end of this unusual event.   Hang in there folks…  We will all get through this together.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything during this crisis or any time in the future. We want to be a community that takes care of each other. You may contact Kim B. (Real Estate and Welcome Committee Chair) at (678) 986-4225 to coordinate your needs.

The official pool open/close period of the year is typically Memorial Day – May 31st to Labor Day in early September but if weather permits and the county approves the pool opening early, then we will open early and we try to keep it open until about October 1 depending on weather.  We will announce when we hold our annual pool opening and closing party at the clubhouse.  It’s great to have wonderful amenities but just as a reminder, regardless of if the pool is open or closed, there is NOT a lifeguard. The pool rules are posted at the pool and need to be followed for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Please clean up after yourself.  We have new pool furniture.  Please take care of your pool and your furniture so it last for years to come and we avoid any further HOA dues increase.

We have had a number of folks reporting that dogs are not being picked up after in the neighborhood. It is a great time to get out and walk a dog, but please be courteous and pick up after your dog.

The annual Christmas/Holiday party will be hosted tentatively (once date/time is approved by the board) by Kim and Bob BRANDSMA at 401 Addie Lane on December 4th, 2022 at 7 p.m. invites will be sent out on Facebook and

The new optional key fobs have been available since Dec 2019 and are being issued to new residence.  There will be a charge ($20) to upgrade your key card to a key fob.  New homeowners should receive a key at closing but if they don’t the first one is included in your initiation fee.  New Home owners reach out to us with your contact info so we can update your key number and/or issue a new key if you did not get one at closing.  All  your old key cards will also work on the tennis court and the pool when the pool is open.  The clubhouse can only be opened after it is reserved and a clubhouse key will be issued for that reservation.

One item we have struggled with, at least during my tenure, is a directory for the neighborhood. We’re using and have a Brannon Estates blog there. There are currently 62 members representing 46 households out of the 82 in Brannon Estates. This is a great forum for exchanging ideas, information, questions, concerns as well as giving information on services or wanting to get rid of an item.

Members of the neighborhood are welcome to use the pool and the tennis courts along with any guests you might bring with you. Folks outside Brannon Estates are not welcome on their own. There have been reports of folks jumping the fence at the tennis courts and making use of our facilities. Please help us watch for such behavior and feel free to call the sheriff and report any trespassing. Don’t forget that we have WiFi in the clubhouse and pool area for those that would like to “be connected”. Again, your same keycard will work the tennis court gate as well as the pool gate.

Our regular HOA Board meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 7PM, as posted on the calendar on our website that can only be seen if you log into the site. Everyone is invited to attend although it is generally the board members and committee members unless you have some business you want to bring before the board. If you do, please reach out to one of us to have your item added to the agenda before the meeting. (Everyone should have a login to the website.) If you do have an interest in attending a board meeting, check with me or one of the board members as we sometimes change the meeting date as we get closer to accommodate individual schedules or deal with pressing issues. Also, thank you to the people that serve the neighborhood. The board, committees and other work that happens in the neighborhood happens because of volunteers. If you would like to contribute your time to our neighborhood, let us know. Our annual meeting in 2022 is (tentatively) on Dec. 5, 2022 at 10 a.m. at the clubhouse. All of the community is encouraged to come to this meeting so we can meet our quorum and vote on important issues. If you cannot attend please request a proxy to appoint someone to vote for you. One vote per household.

Thank you for working with Ted Anderson as he notes items associated with our yards. The neighborhood is looking very good overall. I hope you take pride in our community. If you see anything amiss in the neighborhood, feel free to contact Ted. You’re always welcome to contact any of the board members as well. Remember that the covenants were put in place at the inception of Brannon Estates to assist in maintaining the neighborhood in a manner that benefits all of us. Our pool service, Premier, is also doing a great job. They have a sign posted next to the gate if anyone needs their services as they maintain the pool and the restrooms.  The pool was resurfaced in mid-April 2020.  Please take care of your pool so we don’t incur costly repairs.

As always, I would also encourage everyone to be aware of what is going on in the neighborhood. Keep in touch with the neighbors around you and their schedules so that if any suspicious activity happens, it can be investigated. We are fortunate in that we don’t see much of this happening, but don’t hesitate to call 911 if you feel the situation warrants it.

We truly live in a GREAT Neighborhood full of loving, caring families.  It’s a neighborhood where you can be social and enjoy the fun or you can keep to yourself and enjoy the quiet with no one to bother you.  I hope you enjoy living here and being a part of the Brannon Estates Family as much as we do!


Brian Johnson, President



Robert Brandsma
Vice President

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